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Doctors of Optometry are the nation’s largest group of eye care professionals. Optometrists serve patients in nearly 6,500 communities across the country; in more than 3,500 of these communities, they are the only eye doctors available. 

In 1991, Optometrists were given medical licensure rights and the ability to develop the medical side of their practices. Doctors of Optometry can detect and diagnose eye disease, they can prescribe medications, they can evaluate and treat vision conditions, they can perform minor surgical procedures, they can provide pre- and post-operative care; in some instances they can even perform laser, refractive or glaucoma surgeries. 

Because optometrists can recognize critical health issues such as diabetes and hypertension while examining the eye, having an eye exam can save a life as well as vision.

But the majority of optometrists are not yet participating in medical diagnoses. We have found three primary reasons for this:
  • It was very difficult to get onto medical panels.
  • They didn’t have a staff trained to handle the Medical Model.
  • The doctor was not familiar with medical protocols, billing procedures and coding.


Providing good medical care requires much more than billing.  Optometric Medical Solutions is not a billing/claims processing company.  We are a change agent for your practice in facilitating the implementation of the Medical Model. 

We have successfully created a medical protocol–driven system through developing clinical pathways maximizing revenue per diagnosis in an already existing Ophthalmologically orchestrated and controlled system. 

Doctors must first be credentialed on several insurance boards, office staff need to be trained to manage the medical process, doctors need to be trained to follow medical protocols, rejected medical claims need follow-up and someone needs to stay on top of the many insurance submission changes that happen continually. 

Optometric Medical Solutions
provides an expert, turnkey, reimbursement service that will assist a practice in providing higher standards of care through medical training, consulting and billing.

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